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Preventing Mental Disorders
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The Mental Health Association in Fulton & Montgomery Counties is dedicated to being a progressive, collaborative organization that promotes wellness and recovery from mental illness and chemical dependency across the life span through high quality, effective programs, services, and education.

About Us

Enriching LivesThe Mental Health Association in Fulton & Montgomery Counties began as a grassroots effort in each county in the late 1970's and 1980's. However, in 1992 these two county efforts merged and became one organization.

Since 1992, the Association has developed programs and services; advocated on the local, state, and federal level; and educated the local community on the needs and rights of individuals living with a mental illness.

Then in 2008, the Association and Montgomery Transitional Services (MTS) Boards of Directors began discussions to merge these two agencies. MTS provides a number of residential services from community residences to supported housing, and has been a viable, progressive agency since its inception in 1980. The joining of the two organizations would only serve to enhance the array of programs available to the community, This was achieved as of July 1, 2011, when the two agencies merged to become one under the Mental Health Association in Fulton & Montgomery Counties’ name.

The Association continues to develop, plan, and implement programs and services that will enhance and promote good mental health in the individual, in the home, in the workplace, and in the community.

Advocacy/ Ombudsman/ Socialization

Advocacy - On the local, state, and federal level the importance and necessity of advocacy for consumers of mental health services is an essential role for the MHA. The promotion of mental wellness, quality of care in treatment, and adequate funding for services are all core elements for the fairness that individuals with mental illness deserve.

Ombudsman - An Ombudsman is a former or current recipient of mental health services who serves as an advocate/mediator for other persons living with mental illness. The Ombudsman can also help with advocating or negotiating issues, that involve  questions about local, state, or federal services, social security issues, social services issues, family court issues, criminal court issues and landlord complaints. Also, the Ombudsman can assist in providing referrals to other agencies when appropriate. Please call 518-762-5332 ext. 103.

Socialization - The MHA sponsors Drop-In Centers that are drug and alcohol free environments in both counties for consumers of mental health services. The centers provide recreational, social, educational, and vocational opportunities in a self-help and peer-supported environment.

Leisure Lounge is located at 33 Bleecker St. 2nd Floor, Gloversville
Hours are Monday and Wednesday 12-3pm

Montgomery County Drop-In Center is located at 34 Division Street, Amsterdam,
Hours are Tuesday & Thursday 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For more information call 518-762-5332 ext. 103.

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Advantage After School Programs

Fonda-Fultonville Elementary and Middle School Advantage After School Programs

The Fonda-Fultonville Elementary and Middle School Advantage After School Programs are open to any child in the Fonda-Fultonville School District in grades K-8. There is $10 per child, per month fee. Each program provides homework time and assistance is available as well as activities and workshops that enhance a youth's self-esteem, interpersonal skills, and personal goal development. The program is offered only during the academic school year. Transportation is limited for youth needing transportation home from program. For more information, please call the Program Coordinator at 518-853-4747 ext. 4090 or 518-365-0041.

Gloversville Elementary Advantage After School Programs

The Gloversville Elementary Advantage After School Programs are located at the Park Terrace and Kingsborough Elementary Schools. They are open to any child in grades K-2 in these schools. These programs are provided at no cost to the family. The programs present a safe, nurturing environment where children have opportunities to participate in activities that enhance and extend academic experiences while providing for positive social and emotional growth and development while also offering a meal after school each day. The programs are offered only during the academic school year. For more information, please call the Program Coordinator for Kingsborough at 518-774-7180 or for Park Terrace at 518-774-9050.

Empire After School Programs

The After School Program is available to any student enrolled at Boulevard Elementary School, Grades 3-5. The After School Program is in session from 2:55 to 5:55 pm, every day that school in session during the school year. Activities are aimed to improve the students' social, emotional, and academic skills. Students are provided a free USDA meal and time to complete their homework with staff assistance before participating in other activities. Personnel from various community agencies present workshops to inspire students to make positive choices and set goals. The After School program is a free program funded through the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) under a five year grant that offers a wide variety of experiences to help in the development of the Elementary Student. Some of the activities include: arts & crafts, science, technology, sports, exercise, board games, community service projects, celebration club, drama, youth planning council, common core club, fun Fridays, Wii games, cooking, and celebration days. These activities are designed to be fun and interesting while providing opportunities for the students to socialize with their peers, improve grades, make good decisions, set goals, and feel better about themselves. For more information please contact the Program Coordinator at 518-774-0416.

Behavioral Health After School Programs

Program Goal:

To provide children with constructive after-school activities that promote confidence and skills necessary to enhance their potential for individual success.

Promoting Confidence & SkillsThe Mental Health Association's youth program focus is on positive educational experiences, positive reinforcement, and support. The children engage in educational and recreational activities within a supervised environment. These activities are designed to enhance socialization skills, team spirit, cooperation, and self esteem.

Program Eligibility:

To be eligible for the youth program, children must be residents of Fulton or Montgomery County, be between the ages of 5 and 15, have emotional or behavioral problems, or be at-risk for violence, alcohol/substance abuse, educational failure, or illegal activities.

Program Referrals:

Referrals are accepted from therapists, school personnel, counselors, and any other service provider who works directly with children who meet the eligibility requirements.

Program Days:

The Montgomery County Program is held on Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

The Fulton County program is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between the hours of 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

Program Location:

Fulton County: 73 North Main Street, Gloversville, NY. (Argersinger Building)

Montgomery County: Mental Health Association, 11 Mohawk Place, Amsterdam, NY

If you would like more information about the Mental Health Association's Behavioral Health After-School
Programs, please feel free to contact the Program Coordinator at (518) 762-5332, ext. 110.

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The Regional Child Advocacy Center of Fulton, Montgomery & Hamilton Counties:

The CAC is a child-focused, facility based program in which representatives from many disciplines – law enforcement, child protection, mental health, medical, District Attorney’s Office, and victim advocacy – work together, conducting joint forensic interviews and making decisions regarding the investigation, treatment, management, and prosecution of child abuse and maltreatment cases. The Child Advocacy Center provides a comfortable, private child-friendly setting which is physically and psychologically safe for children and families. For more information, call 518-736-2443.

Fulton County Center - Phone: 518-736-2443, Fax: 518-736-8128
Montgomery County Center - Phone 518-627-4645, Fax: 518-627-4302
Hamilton County Center - Phone 518-548-5263, Fax: 518548-5264

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Community Education, Information & Referral Services:

The Community Educator of the Mental Health Association provides informational sessions to the general public, community organizations, schools, and businesses. Newspaper articles, radio and television interviews are arranged to bring accurate information about mental illness, its effects, and its treatment to the community at large.

A newsletter is distributed quarterly containing community information as well as current events in our agency. To be added to our mailing list or to have a workshop presentation done for your organization, please call 518-762-5332, ext. 109.

Information & Referral:

How many times have you needed to find a service, agency or telephone number and didn't know where to turn?

INFO-LINE was developed to provide residents of Fulton & Montgomery Counties the ability to locate programs, services and information within the community.

Information & Referral Service

ext. 109

or toll-free

FREE Service!
Monday - Friday
8am - 4p.m.

(After hours, please leave a message on our answering machine, and someone will return your call.)  In case of an emergency, please dial 911. For a mental health crisis, please call 518-842-9111.

Knowing what services are available is vital to receiving the appropriate assistance. Through our toll free line (1-800-734-5864) all residents of Fulton & Montgomery counties can call and receive information on a variety of topics or referrals to area agencies. Also, a comprehensive library is maintained by the MHA, so that if there is a particular area of interest brochures can be sent to further assist an individual.

By utilizing our extensive resource library, we can provide information, refer you to experts, or send you free brochures. We offer information on a wide variety of subjects, and particularly mental health topics. Please call 518-725-2790, ext. 109 for further information.

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Community Residences:

Congregate Treatment Programs - Congregate Treatment Programs are certified by the New York State Office of Mental Health. The residences are staffed 24-hours per day. A Service Plan is collaboratively developed by the resident, staff and any other parties authorized by the resident. The Service Plan will identify a mutually agreed upon course of action, unique to that individual’s needs and choices. It will be designed to address the development and enhancement of community skills. To further enhance self-esteem, an emphasis is also placed on resident involvement in constructive activities outside the residential setting. The Mental Health Association operates three (3), ten(10) bed residences for adults who have a serious and persistent mental illness, as well as two(2) respite and two(2) crisis beds for individuals in need in Montgomery County.

Apartment Treatment Programs - These apartments are certified by the New York State Office of Mental Health and provide residents with the highest level of independence in a certified program. In accordance with a collaboratively developed Service Plan, the program is intended to be the least restrictive certified step before the resident begins to live independently within the community. The Mental Health Association operates a twenty-four (24) bed Apartment Program for adults who have a serious and persistent mental illness. The apartments are located within Amsterdam, New York and accommodate one, two or three people. An emphasis is placed on increasing personal initiative and self-reliance. Staff make routine visits every week and a 24-hour on-call system may be utilized by the resident in case of an emergency.

Children and Youth Community Residence - The Children and Youth Residence is certified by the New York State Office of Mental Health. The residence is staffed 24-hours per day In conjunction with an individually developed Service Plan, rehabilitation, educational and treatment services are identified. The intent is to facilitate successful functioning and integration into the natural family, community, school or independent living situations, as appropriate. The Mental Health Association operates an eight (8) bed Children and Youth Community Residence for children and adolescents twelve (12) through eighteen (18) years of age, with a serious emotional disturbance. Additionally, a crisis bed is available for youth who need an immediate removal from their current living environment in an effort to ameliorate a situation that could have led to a psychiatric hospitalization.

OASAS Community Residence for Women – An OASAS Community Residence is certified by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. This community residence is designed for women with a chemical dependence and provides supervised services while they are making the transition to abstinent living. This program is for women who are completing, or have completed, a course of treatment but are not yet ready for independent living, due to outstanding clinical issues or other unmet needs. MHA operates a twelve (12) bed OASAS Community Residence that has the ability to accommodate up to six (6) pre-school aged children who may reside at the community residence while their mother is receiving services.

Supported Housing Program - The Supported Housing Program is a non-certified Mental Health service offered to individuals who have a serious and persistent mental illness. Services are designed to facilitate individual choice in establishing and maintaining permanent housing within the community. The program affords adults, with limited income, an opportunity to be availed a safe and affordable apartment, furniture, linkages to community supports and advocacy. The program is available to individuals eighteen (18) years of age or older who have demonstrated the skills necessary to reside independently in the community.

For further information on our residential programs, please call the Clinical Director at 518-842-3717 ext. 206.

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Compeer Programs & Family Support Programs:

Compeer Programs Making Friends...Changing Lives!

This program brings volunteers together with children and adults coping with the loneliness and isolation brought on by mental illness. Volunteers spend four hours a month with their companion sharing in activities they both enjoy. Through this time together the volunteers can become positive role models, facilitate social and communication skills, and encourage independence for their Compeer friend.

A "compeer" is a companion, a mentor, a friend. The Compeer Programs are about friendship!

Children and adults receiving mental health treatment often need the support that a caring friend can provide. Adult volunteers are trained and then matched as friends and mentors with children and adults referred by mental health professionals.

Who Can Volunteer?

If you are 18 years of age and older, with the desire to help a child through the difficult childhood and teenage years or an adult in need of emotional support and companionship - YOU ARE ELIGIBLE! We ask that volunteers commit to one year of service, and approximately four hours a month.

For additional information about Compeer, please call 518-762-5332 , ext. 116 or

Family Support :

Decreases IsolationThis program offers activities - both social & educational - to families who have a member(s) living with mental illness. These families are offered various opportunities in which to spend quality time together. This time also provides the opportunity to form relationships with other families in our community who are struggling with similar situations. Many times this type of support can help decrease the isolation and stigma these families may feel. For more information about this program you can call 518-762-5332, ext. 103.

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Employment Training Program:

Handy Ups N’ Downs Thrift Stores located at 338 North Comrie Avenue in Johnstown and 101 Guy Park Avenue in Amsterdam are consumer run and provide employment and training to help individuals with mental illness re-enter the work force in a peer-supported atmosphere so they may become self-sufficient and feel confident about themselves. Please contact the Affirmative Business Program Director at 518-842-2790 for more information.

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Representative Payee Services

Managing FinancesA Representative Payee is a designated person or institution that manages a person's Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

Many people who suffer from mental illness are not able to manage their finances independently, and the rep-payee program offers money management assistance to these consumers.

Please call 518-842-3717 ext. 204 for further information.

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Single Point of Access (SPOA) for Children's Services in Fulton and Montgomery Counties

The purpose of this program is to identify those children who are at the highest risk of placement in an out-of-the-home setting and to develop appropriate strategies to manage these children in Fulton and Montgomery Counties. For more information, please call 518-762-5332 ext. 115

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LGBT Resource Center

The Resource Center is a safe and supportive environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning individuals, their family & friends to obtain information, education and service referrals in Montgomery & Fulton Counties and the Capital District. There is a peer specialist available to provide assistance as needed. This dedicated safe space was developed within a Suicide Prevention Grant and is stocked with suicide prevention materials, community resource information, and education materials and information. Call 518-762.5332 for information.

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Peer Residential Services

MHA Announces its newest service, Peer Residential Services. This new service is being offered to assist individuals who are transitioning in and out of the various levels of residential services at MHA, so they may begin or continue their wellness and recovery with the support of a peer. Our Residential Peer Specialist, will be involved with our Consumer Advisory Board as well as other MHA peer-related services. For more information about our Peer Residential Services, please call 518-762-5332 or 518-857-2203 or email or
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